Keys To Choosing A Business Name For A Business Start-up

Business names are like noses. Everyone has one but not all of them are that pretty. LOL The fact is this… the way you present yourself with your business name will make the difference in how successful you are, with all other things being equal.

The Search For A Business Name

You may ask yourself, what is in a name anyway? Well, truthfully, in reality, there isn’t a lot. If you think about it, a business is a still backed by the same people off the same services if they are called Xeriphylic or “Lawn Moisture.” But the fact is this, there is a big difference perceptionally. The first one is actually very hard to remember and spell. The second is easy to remember, spell, and actually gives the potential client an idea of what your company does!

The business name that you choose should not exist in isolation, but as part of an overall strategy. Naming a business is not only where you start as the business’s founder, but also where the consumer starts. Choose the wrong name and your business will falter.

How to Name Your Business With A Brand In Mind

The first thing you need to do is to decide what you want your new business name to communicate. I happen to think that a business name should accurately describe what you do without someone having to ask. To me, having a good business name is the purest form of advertising. Every time you say the name of the business it gives an opportunity to make an impression.

Not Very Creative? Get Help Choosing Your Business Name

Brainstorming can be an excellent way to generate good ideas. I like to use the branch method of brainstorming for 10 minutes. Then I go over my ideas and group them. I then take combinations and even partial word combos and see what I can find. Important also to me is whether or not the domain name is available for the business, because I want it to be unique and to be able to have the .com address for my business name.

I would not recommend making your first or last name a part of the business name. Like Joe’s Plumbing. What if you sell the business? Think about “Roto Rooter?” That name says it all and is franchisable. For a website design business does “Chandler Web Design” sound better or does “Website Interactive?” It is so easy to see that the later business name is much better. Also don’t make the name hard to spell or remember. Think about it. You will have to use this name all the time. Make your business name an asset. Choose wisely and you will not regret it!